Is Halifax Clarity MasterCard the cheapest method to transfer money online?

Halifax Clarity MasterCard Hidden Costs : Analysis of Cost, Speed, Hassle and Risk


  • Overview :
    • The credit card that can be filled with different currencies , and used worldwide for payments with the local currency of that country. Cash withdrawal is costly (3%) , also if the currency used is different then currency conversion cost is (2.9%)
    • The card is not multiple currencies card but only UK Sterling .
    • This card is used by UK residents when traveling as it has no cost for cash withdrawal if you pay the amount daily but still have currency conversion cost.


  • Requirements :
    • Only for UK Residents Here


  • Limitations :
    • Not possible to apply if you are not UK resident.
    • Has only sterling pounds , can’t be filled with other currencies


  • Review of 0% balance transfer fee Halifax Credit Card Here 



  • Ali, on our website, the summary box on each of our product pages summarizes the fees and charges that apply to our Credit Cards. If you want to find out more, please follow this link and click on the product that interests you.
  • Upload Funds : Making payments to your Halifax Credit Card is easy. You can either set up a Direct Debit for your Halifax Bank Credit Card; use the Internet or Mobile Banking; by phone; by cheque; with your debit card ; or pay from another bank. If you are paying from another bank you need to contact them to ask if they apply any fees or charges. You will not be charged by Halifax for setting up a Direct Debit, making the payment via Halifax Internet or Mobile banking, paying over the phone or paying by cheque.
  • Transfer Funds to another party: You will not be able to transfer funds to another person using your Credit Card.
  • Withdrawal cost: On every cash withdrawal there is a cash handling fee of 3% (minimum charge of3), in addition, there is a 2.95% fee added to the currency conversion when using the card abroad. There is no interest-free period for cash withdrawals.
  • Interest is charged from the date the transaction is made and the interest rate for cash withdrawals is usually higher than for purchases, the rate of interest you pay would be confirmed at the application stage.


  • Risks :
    • N/A
  • Testing Results:
    • Not possible
  • Conclusion:
    • This card can’t be used to transfer funds .
    • This card also can contain only UK Sterling Pound ( £).
    • For withdrawing cash internationally still it is a costly option (%3 cash withdrawal fee + 2.95% currency conversion fee)